The New York Times

"American Bar Culture can be found in its most classic form at the well-hidden PUSSER'S® NEW YORK BAR in Munich. If you are looking for the best before dinner cocktail, local clientele or that late night 'play it again Sam', PUSSER'S® is the place!"

Frankfurter Allgemeine

"Bill Deck: This man is a Legend. In 1974 he established the first classic American Bar in Germany. It was opened in the center of Munich at Falkenturm Strasse 9 where the PUSSER'S® New York Bar is still located. For over 38 years he and his son David have been successful. Bill has revived the "Old School of Mixology" It's classic, with style and elegance, the place to meet and converse. Bill has taught the trade to generations of barkeepers."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Bill Deck brought the American Bar to Munich and has taught the art of barkeeping to many. If there was a cocktail that could receive a star it would be the PUSSER'S PAINKILLER™. Buñuel would have made this his bar!"

Münchner Merkur

"From 18 to 80, the search for "The Bar" is never ending. The search ends here! Here sit those who have respect for others and are never overbearing. Those who don't need to brag or be on the lookout for a pick-up. Here are guests who appreciate perfectly mixed drinks with professional service which allows a pleasant evening in the cool of the night."


"The "Bar Fossil" in the Falkenturm Strasse known formerly as Harry's New York Bar, established by Bill Deck in Germany never changes! PUSSER'S® stands for continuity. This is honored by the locals and tourist alike because they know that Bill Deck is the one who brought the classic American Cocktailbar back to Germany."


"PUSSER'S® is the name for serious and excellent drinks in Germany"


"Bill Deck, is the name that all bartenders respect. Without him the bar scene in Germany would not have become what it is today. The Bar as the place to communicate is not loss on Bill Deck. He never underestimated the fact that communicating is very important. In the end, one goes into a bar to have stimulating conversations in a very pleasant atmosphere where one can meet others. That is what a bar is also about."


"Since 1974 classic bar culture at its best. The highest level of fine international food and drinks without any exception. Here is the perfect mix in every respect and that since 38 years! Large Malt Whisky collection and a sociable cliental"

PUSSER'S® Cocktailbar
Falkenturmstr. 9,80331 München
Phone +49 (0) 89 - 220 500

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Open daily 6 p.m to 3 a.m
Sundays and Holidays 7 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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Tram 19 "Oper", S-and U-Bahn "Marienplatz"


Company ON DECK Bar GmbH
Geschäftsführer David Deck
Falkenturmstr. 9, 80331 München
Phone: (+4989) 220500
Telefax: (+4989) 225050

For reservations, please use our reservation form. Reservations sent to this address will not be considered, thank you.

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