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July 2024


Bill and David Deck Welcome you to PUSSER'S New York Bar
“Cradle of American Bar Culture in Germany” since 1974.

We mix classic drinks & cocktails, 
serve spicy bar food and offer live piano music in Munich’s best location.  

Enjoy the legendary PUSSER’S PAINKILLER™ and have a relaxing evening on your own
or together with family and friends in a cultivated, authentic, classic bar atmosphere.

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary you can learn more about us and 
the history of our bar by reading our interesting, illustrated book »Decks On Deck«.

We’re looking forward to your visit at PUSSER’S Bar!

„DECKS ON DECK in München seit 1974“ is the title of the jubilee book, which can be purchased in PUSSER’S bar. The predominant language is German, however there are a few interesting pages in English. Milestones of the bar’s history are documented in context with the development of Germany’s bar scene in the last forty years. 

In the nineteen-seventies Bill Deck triggered an avalanche of bars in Germany with his idea of the first American Classic Cocktail bar.  The result can be witnessed in many cities througout the country.  Classic American Cocktail Bars were pratically nonexistent in Germany, and Bill had an arduous job establishing  his idea and had to import the necessary bar tools, shakers, glasses, etc. not to mention the spirits before he could get started.  It stands to reason that he also had to train a whole generation of bartenders. 

The most important are always the customers who also had to become acquainted with classic bar culture. Apart from very few hotel bars there were only red light establishments who were called ”bars“, but not even one location for sophisticated customers to have drinks in a cultivated ambience. Bill Deck’s pioneer work paid off and his reputation for success in this endevour spread throughout the entire country.

In 1977 the former Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt engaged Bill to host the government’s Summer party in Bonn.  This recognition meant that many VIPs and guests started visiting Falkenturm Strasse 9. Bill was a host to all of his guests equally as no preference was given to status. The guests were happy to enjoy relaxing hours with top, well mixed drinks in a cosy atmosphere. 

PUSSER’S bar offers professional entertainment and easy vibes, perfect service and wonderful drinks for each individual taste, and for every occasion. Live music in the downstairs piano room, spicy bar snacks are distinctive marks of an authentic American bar. It’s a meeting place for quiet connoisseurs of all ages and from all walks of life, famous or fameless.

Bill & David Deck’s bar is an institution in Munich fittingly located near others such as the Opera or the Hofbräuhaus which are only minutes away. They never gave up their classic style to follow the modern trends. That’s why barflies from all over the world love this place, and it will remain as is with an eye for the future ...

Come and join: Falkenturm Neun ...

Fashionable bars come and go – but Munich’s top address for true classic American bar culture will always stay the same: Falkenturmstrasse 9. Since September 1974 two gentlemen and their professional team of bartenders are the guarantors for cultivated hospitality and unique atmosphere: Bill & David Deck. Father and son, two generations of passionate barkeepers, whose names are well-known in the international bar scene.

As an offshoot of the legendary bar in Paris, Bill Deck installed "Harry’s New York Bar" as the first classic cocktail bar in Munich, and his tireless pioneering triggered an immense bar boom all over Germany. Serving in the American Air Force he was a DJ at the AFN Munich radio station. He settled down in the middle of the Bavarian beer capital and created an institution – unique in style and history.

Many famous German barkeepers were Bill Deck’s apprentices and son David, born in December 1974, was one as well. He is now in charge of the business since 1998. As a man of great expertise, David is future-oriented and devoted to the tradition of Classic Cocktail Bar. After the name of the bar was changed to ”PUSSER’S New York Bar“ in 1993, the focus was even more on the origins of the old cocktail traditions, which are also associated and embedded in the Royal British Navy.

In the years from 1665 to 1972 a daily ration of rum had been distributed to the crew members of Her Majesty’s ships by the purser. In the sailors’ slang the purser became ”pusser“ and the rum was called ”pusser’s rum“, which was diluted one fine day with water, sugar and lemon juice. That’s how the first cocktail was born and the sailors called it „Grog“. By scrolling down you will find more details concerning this ”liquid history“...

Thus you can be sure that the ”Decks On Deck“ will keep their focus on traditional bar culture.  In Munich’s unique ”PUSSER’S New York Bar“ you can enjoy the authentic classic bar feeling live every day – also for the next 40 years! 

Those who like perfectly mixed cocktails in an atmosphere like no other in the city, will love PUSSER’S bar. The interior is that of a classic New York Bar. A Caribbean fisher boat hangs above the main bar and is a coveted museum piece. The walls are mahogany panelled and photos depicting the history of the bar are neatly displayed. You will enjoy the quiet jazz and bar music.

The bartenders know how to mix the best drinks in the city – no wonder, as their teachers are Bill & David Deck. The signature drink is the legendary PUSSER’S PAINKILLER™, and you can enjoy spicy bar food like the home-made Chili con carne, which Bill introduced in Munich forty years ago.

The Mother Of All German Bars

In September 1974 the American Bill Deck a former U.S. Air Force reporter, chose Munich as his domicile. Here he opened the first cocktail bar outside a hotel which was a sensation at the time. He called it Harry’s New York Bar and renamed it PUSSER'S® in 1993. The "Pusser" was the "Purser" aboard the British Naval Ships and the "PUSSER'S® Rum" was drunk by the sailors mixed with cold water, brown burnt sugar and lime juice. They named this concoction "Grog".

Since then Bill Deck has trained a whole generation of bartenders, created many cocktail classics, advised in the opening of other bars in Germany, overseas,  and on five star cruise liners – long story short: he influenced the bar scene like no other.

He hosted kings and statesmen, artists and famous people of all walks of life, like King Karl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the German Secretary of State Walter Scheel or President Richard von Weizsäcker, August Oetker or Rolf Rodenstock, Andy Warhol and stars such as Hardy Krüger. But he still loves most of all the conversations with common people, elegant and witty guests, who frequent the unique atmosphere of the PUSSER’S Bar.

Bill’s managing method is the ”old style“. David, his son, focusses his vision on the job at hand and thusly contributes to the best posible environment for the guest. His knowledge and expertise is appreciated by all.

Quality has always been the first priority – right from the beginning.


"PUSSER'S Bar" is an institution and its founder Bill Deck a living legend. After 36 years of success this cradle of Classic American Bar Culture in Germany is as actual as on the opening day. Therefore the FIZZZ Award for the best Long-seller in Germany has been awarded to "PUSSER'S Bar" in Munich, congratulations to Bill and David Deck!

Some of the world's best piano entertainers have performed in Pusser's "Downstairs Room". Entertainment can be enjoyed every Thursday through Saturday beginning at 21.00 hrs (9 p.m.)  Reservations are necessary and easy. Simply fill in the reservation form.  Should you need to make a change, use the provided form under RESERVATIONS.

Our "Downstairs Room" is perfect for your Birthday party or any other celebration or get-to-gether. Simply give us a call at 089-220500.

                At The Ivories

              Beginning 9 p.m.

              ERMINIO CANTONI

  performing Wednesday thru Saturday



The signature drink is the legendary PUSSER'S PAINKILLER™. The Süddeutsche newspaper wrote: "If a cocktail could earn a star, then it would be awarded to the PUSSER'S PAINKILLER™." 

It was created on the island of Jost van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands at the "Soggy Dollar Bar".

For more than 300 years, long before the days of Nelson and his "Walls of Oak", Great Britains's Royal Navy issued a daily tot of PUSSER'S® RUM on board their ships. This tradition was one of the longest in seafaring history continuing until July 31, 1970. The name PUSSER'S®? Nothing more than a corruption of the word purser, the seaman responsible for the daily issue of PUSSER'S® RUM. This is the exact same rum that was still being served when the rum issue was stopped on July 31st, 1970. PUSSER'S® is the father of all Navy Rums and the standard by which others are measured. It is a blend of three centuries and six rums providing a full rich flavor that is unsurpassed. NO FLAVORING IS ADDED! It is ALL NATURAL.

PUSSER'S® costs more to produce because it's a pot stilled rum from whence its full, rich flavor derives (like single malt scotches). It is a higher proof as the Navy's rum was, and consequently, the taxes on it are also substantially higher. PUSSER'S® RUM, the same superb blend of 300 years and five West Indian rums as served on board Their Majesties' ships for three centuries.

PUSSER'S® RUM also known as "NELSON'S BLOOD" Liquid History!

Rum and the sea are inseparable, and no rum is more akin to the sea and the sailor than PUSSER'S® RUM – the Original Navy Rum. For more than 300 years, from the earliest days of wooden ships and iron men, sailors of Great Britain's Royal Navy were issued a daily ration – or "tot" – of rum by the ship's Purser (corrupted by the sailors to Pusser's). Prior to 1740, the men's daily tot of PUSSER'S® RUM was a pint a day, which they drank neat, that is without water! Before battle, they were issued a double 'tot', and always after victory for a job well done!

From 1655 to the 19th century, PUSSER'S® RUM was one of the few daily comforts afforded those early seamen of Britain's Navy as they fought around the globe to keep the Empire intact and its sea lanes open. It was not until July 31st, 1970 that the Admiralty Board abolished the daily issue of PUSSER'S® RUM. "Times had changed", they said as they concluded that "in a highly sophisticated navy no risk for margin or error which might be attributable to rum could be allowed". And so it was that the daily issue of PUSSER'S® RUM, which had stood the test of time as the Navy's longest serving tradition for over 300 years, was cast aside like a piece of flotsam and jetsam where it lay quietly until 1979.

In 1979, Charles Tobias – entrepreneur, global sailor, raconteur – sought to resurrect the PUSSER'S® RUM tradition. He obtained the rights and all the blending information from the Admiralty, and formed Pusser's Ltd. on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and began bottling and selling this storied spirit in 1980 to the public for the first time. (Prior to then, it was restricted to the Royal Navy). British Navy Pusser's Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums as issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty's blessing and approval that PUSSER'S® is now available to the consumer.

Prior to 1740 PUSSER'S® Rum was issued to the navy men "neat", that is undiluted. Their ration was ½ pint twice daily, and the men were oftimes drunk because of it. Admiral Vernon (pictured here) the hero of Portobello and the Commander in Chief West Indies was much concerned with the drunkenness and the severe punishment that followed for those who became unruly. 

Thus he issued his infamous Order to Captains no. 349 on August 21, 1740. His order refers to the "unanimous opinion of both Captains and Surgeons that the custom of the seaman drinking their allowance of rum in drams, and often at once, is attended with many fatal effects to their morals as well as their health. [...] You are hereby required and directed [...] that the respective daily allowance of rum be mixed with the proportion of a quart of water to a half pint of rum, and that the men be given extra lime juice and sugar that it be made more palatable to them." This was to be mixed in a scuttled butt (also known as "Grog Tub") kept for that purpose and to be done upon deck, and in the presence of the Lieutenant of the Watch who is to take particular care to see that the men are not defrauded in having their full allowance of rum.

The men affectionately nicknamed Vernon "Old Grog" on account of the grogram cloak he often wore on the quarter deck. They were incensed that he'd watered their rum, and thus named it contemptuously Grog from the name they'd already provided Vernon. Thus true Grog is PUSSER'S Rum with water, lime juice and brown sugar! The first cocktail!

In Vernons orders the scuttled butt became known as the Grog Tub. Officers would receive their Grog daily at 11 a.m. pure, direct from the Spirits Vault when the piper piped "UP SPIRITS". The rest of the crew known as "Jack Tars" received their grog one hour later.

The New York Times

"American Bar Culture can be found in its most classic form at the well-hidden PUSSER'S® NEW YORK BAR in Munich. If you are looking for the best before dinner cocktail, local clientele or that late night 'play it again Sam', PUSSER'S® is the place!"

Frankfurter Allgemeine

"Bill Deck: This man is a Legend. In 1974 he established the first classic American Bar in Germany. It was opened in the center of Munich at Falkenturm Strasse 9 where the PUSSER'S® New York Bar is still located. For over 38 years he and his son David have been successful. Bill has revived the "Old School of Mixology" It's classic, with style and elegance, the place to meet and converse. Bill has taught the trade to generations of barkeepers."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Bill Deck brought the American Bar to Munich and has taught the art of barkeeping to many. If there was a cocktail that could receive a star it would be the PUSSER'S PAINKILLER™. Buñuel would have made this his bar!"

Münchner Merkur

"From 18 to 80, the search for "The Bar" is never ending. The search ends here! Here sit those who have respect for others and are never overbearing. Those who don't need to brag or be on the lookout for a pick-up. Here are guests who appreciate perfectly mixed drinks with professional service which allows a pleasant evening in the cool of the night."


"The "Bar Fossil" in the Falkenturm Strasse known formerly as Harry's New York Bar, established by Bill Deck in Germany never changes! PUSSER'S® stands for continuity. This is honored by the locals and tourist alike because they know that Bill Deck is the one who brought the classic American Cocktailbar back to Germany."


"PUSSER'S® is the name for serious and excellent drinks in Germany"


"Bill Deck, is the name that all bartenders respect. Without him the bar scene in Germany would not have become what it is today. The Bar as the place to communicate is not loss on Bill Deck. He never underestimated the fact that communicating is very important. In the end, one goes into a bar to have stimulating conversations in a very pleasant atmosphere where one can meet others. That is what a bar is also about."


"Since 1974 classic bar culture at its best. The highest level of fine international food and drinks without any exception. Here is the perfect mix in every respect and that since 38 years! Large Malt Whisky collection and a sociable cliental"

PUSSER'S® Cocktailbar
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